Cotton Baby Blankets - $68.00

Cotton Baby BlanketsOh Baby!! These handwoven cotton baby blankets are just right for warm summer nights and add an extra layer of insulation when it is cold in the winter. They are large enough to be laid out on the floor with the baby and a few toys. One will also be good for shading the little one in the stroller or in the car seat.

What else can you ask for? Made from 100% cotton, these soft blankets are machine washable and can safely be tossed in the dryer. This is a must for busy moms who don't need to worry about remembering special washing instructions for the baby's things.

When my loom is warped for baby blankets, you can order a baby blanket in the color and pattern of your choice. The loom should set up for baby blankets again in June or July 2018. If you are interested in a custom blanket, let me know. 

Blue Baby Blanket -B202
Blue Baby Blanket
Pink Baby Blanket -B210
Pink Baby Blanket
Yellow Blanket - B222
Yellow Baby Blanket
Lime Blanket -B203
Lime Green Baby Blanket
Pumpkin Blanket - B224
Pumpkin Baby Blanket
Golden Yellow- B204
Golden Yellow Baby Blanket
Lt Turk Blanket-B216
Lt Turk Baby Blanket
Lt Blue Blanket - B220
Light Blue Baby Blanket
Periwinkle Blanket-B206
Handwoven Baby Blanket
Royal Blue Blanket-B211
Royal Blue Baby Blanket
Peach Blanket- B205
Peach Baby Blanket
Lt Turk Blanket-B218
Lt Turk Baby Blanket
Lime Blanket - B207


Lime Baby Blanket
Lilac Blanket - B208
Lilac baby Blanket
Deep Red Blanket-B209


Red Baby Blanket
RosePink Blanket - B201
Rose Pink Baby Blanket
Purple Blanket - B212
Purple Baby Blanket
Forest Blanket - B214
Forest Green Baby Blanket
Sage Blanket - B185
Sage Baby Blanket
Magenta Blanket - B187
Magenta Baby Blanket
Green Blanket - B213
Green Baby Blanket
Denim Blanket - B195
Denim Blue Baby Blanket
White Blanket - B215
White Baby Blanket

Henry on baby blanketIf you are expecting or know someone that is, a handwoven baby blanket is a great addition to the nursery. As a special baby shower gift a unique baby blanket will be well received and be used for years to come. Babies don't outgrow their favorite blanket. They grow up with it. Picture the adventures your little boy or girl will have. Somewhere in sight is the favorite "blankie." It may be the cape of the superhero or the tent sheltering the cowboy. Maybe it is the blanket a little "mother" tucks around the teddy bear "children" she puts down for their nap. You are not just buying a baby blanket. You are providing one of the necessities of childhood. A much loved security blanket.

Henry with green baby blanketWhen I brought my daughter home from the hospital, I could wrap her up in the baby blankets I had. Before I knew it, those same blankets would no longer tuck in around her, let alone allow me to wrap her up in one. So now when I weave baby blankets, I make sure they are big enough to work for more than just a couple short months. My friend Henry, showing off the baby blanket, is 10 months old and weighs 24 lbs.

No baby in the house? These also make a good lap blanket for cool evenings. So if you know someone who needs a little extra covering, whether they are young or old, these handwoven baby blankets are great gifts. A gift that could last a lifetime.

Care of Cotton Baby Blankets

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach.

Dimension of Cotton Baby Blankets

The average dimension of the Cotton Baby Blankets is approximately 36" x 44". Sizes do vary depending on the weave structure and how long I wove each blanket. Actual sizes are noted on the page showing each individual blanket.

Available Cotton Baby Blankets

If you would like to check the color just contact me and I will mail you a sample of the yarns you request so you can see them for yourself.

Customer Comments about Cotton Baby Blanket


Got the baby blanket in yesterdays mail - I love it! Thank you. Kaiden
will too, I'm sure.
Thanks again. Melinda C. Palmer, AK

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