Cotton Kitchen Towel - $16.00

Blue and Green Handwoven TowelsWhether you call them kitchen towels, tea towels, dish towels or hand towels, these are very thirsty cotton kitchen towels. The handwoven towels are made from 100% cotton. The weave structure is called ‘huck lace’.  Some people, however,  prefer to use these cotton kitchen towels in the bathroom instead of the kitchen, where they work just as well!  In addition, many people find other uses for them as well. These versatile towels have been known to double as table runners, bread cloths, and more.

Color Options for Kitchen Towels
 Cotton Kitchen Towels - 16 1/2" x 21 1/2"
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Set of 4 Handwoven Towels

Dimensions of Cotton Kitchen Towels

The dimension of each cotton kitchen towel is approximately 16 1/2" x 21 1/2". All towels have been washed and dried twice so they will shrink very little.

Red Kitchen Towels

Colors of Cotton Kitchen Towels

Cotton Kitchen Towels all start with a white warp. The weft colors are shown on the color chart above on the right.  If you click on the picture a larger picture will come up on new page for easier viewing.  Current inventory is listed on the chart below. 

Patterns will vary, here are some examples of the hand towels I have in stock.  Actual color may not be an exact match with the color on your screen. I can send a sample of the yarns so you can verify they will work for you. Just let me know which colors you would like to see.Maroon Cotton Kitchen Towel

Available Cotton Kitchen Towels

Four Handwoven Kitchen TowelsI try to keep a couple of each color in stock but do get low from time to time. The loom I weave these on has a long warp on it and I can weave the color of towels you request and ship your order within 2 weeks. Usually much sooner, depending upon what colors have been woven and are just waiting to be taken off the loom and finished.  If I need to re-warp the loom before weaving the towels your order, then it could be a little bit longer.

*Lt Denim will soon change - I cannot find a current color to match this shade of blue
**Pumpkin is not yet show on the color card.

The texture of the towels can vary from color to color. To get the selection of colors the yarns are purchased from different suppliers and some colors may have a different feel from other colors.

Red and Blue Handwoven TowelsDo you know someone who has "just about everything?"I bet they don't have any of these. Make someone you know feel good, give them a special gift. These handwoven hand towels are great to give as Christmas and wedding presents. They also make a perfect housewarming gift.

Using a handwoven dish towel "almost makes dishes fun."  Whenever I pick up a towel that I, or another weaver, has woven I smile. I remember the person who made the kitchen towel and it makes me feel good. It reminds me to enjoy life, even when I am doing the dishes. 

Vila Cox at AVL loom weaving cotton kitchen towels

Care of Cotton Kitchen Towels

Machine wash and dry - do not bleach. To improve the absorbency for these, or any other towels for that matter, do not add a fabric softener. I wash mine regularly with my store bought towels. I use the hottest water settings and dry them in the dryer. Bleach will change the color of the towels.


Customer Comments about Cotton Kitchen Towels

I cannot thank you enough for the speedy processing of my towel order! The towels are gorgeous – pictures simply cannot do them justice. I am extremely impressed by the exceptional workmanship. It is rare to find such fine quality at such an affordable price. The pretty information tags accompanying each towel make a wonderful presentation for gift giving!

Thank you again,

DeAnn S.
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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