Custom Baby Blanket - $68.00

Custom Baby BlanketI love weaving baby blankets and will be setting up my loom for them two or three times a year.  Handwoven from 100% cotton they are soft, comfortable and safe. No fringe to get in the way. 

With a little pre-planning, it is easy to be able to weave a blanket in the color and pattern of your choice.  We can work together to match your nursery decor or just pick your favorite color.

Let me know if you are interested in a custom baby blanket.  You can Pre-Order a Baby Blanket by using this Order Form. I will be in contact later to let you know when the blanket will be woven and request payment when the time gets closer. The loom will be set up for baby blankets again in December 2017 or January 2018.

All Baby Blankets are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer for easy care. 

 Custom Baby Blanket
 36 X 44 - $68.00
Enter Pattern and Color Choice


 Custom Crib Blanket
 36 X 54 - $80.00
Enter Pattern and Color Choice


 Custom Toddler/Lap Blanket
 36 X 64 - $92.00
Enter Pattern and Color Choice


Pick Your Color:

The baby blankets start with a white warp.  You just need to pick the color of the weft yarn the blanket will be woven with and your favorite pattern.

black black cotton maroon maroon cotton deep red deep red cotton red red cotton
dark green dark green cotton forest green forest green cotton light sage light sage cotton lime green lime green cotton
wintergreen wintergreen cotton jade jade cotton navy blue navy blue cotton royal blue royal blue cotton
denim denim cotton light denim light denim cotton blue blue cotton light turk light turk cotton
light blue light blue cotton periwinkle periwinkle cotton lavender lavender cotton lilac lilac cotton
purple purple cotton magenta magenta cotton rose pink rose pink cotton pink pink cotton
gold gold cotton golden yellow golden yellow cotton yellow yellow cotton pumpkin pumpkin cotton
peach peach cotton mustard mustard cotton white white cotton

Sizes can vary, but I try to make them a little longer if possible.  Some patterns shrink a little more than others depending on how the threads interlace.

Pick Your Pattern:

The pictures below show the available patterns and some of the color options.  More pictures of the blankets can be found on my Cotton Baby Blankets page.   

Pattern 1 - in Golden Yellow   
Golden Yellow Baby Blanket woven in Pattern 1Pattern 1 - Side 1 Pattern 1 - Side 2
Pattern 2 - in Peach   (both sides look the same)
Baby Blanket Woven in Pattern 2Both Sides of Pattern 2 are the same
Pattern 3 - in Rose Pink   (both sides look the same)   
Pattern 3 Woven in PinkBoth Sides of pattern 3 
Pattern 4 - in Lilac
Baby Blanket Pattern 4 - Woven in LilacPattern 4 - Side 1Pattern 4 - Side 2

Pattern 5 - in Blue  
Baby Blanket Pattern 5 - Woven in BluePattern 5 - Side 1Pattern 5 - Side 2
Pattern 6 - in Light Blue  (both sides look the same)
Baby Blanket Pattern 6 - Woven in Light BluePattern 6 - both sidesPattern 6 in Fuchsia

Pattern 7 - in Light Sage
Pattern 7 Baby BlanketPattern 7 - Side 1Pattern 7 - Side 2
Pattern 8 - in Blue
Pattern 8 - Baby Blanket in BluePattern 8 - close
Pattern 9 - in Teal
Baby Blanket Pattern 9 - Woven in TealPattern 9 - Side 1Pattern 9 - Side 2
Pattern 10 - in Pumpkin pattern 10Pattern 10 in Pumpkin
Pattern 11 - in Periwinkle
Pattern #11 in Periwinkle
Pattern 12 - in Raspberry (Not a standard Color option)
Baby Blanket Pattern 12 - Woven in RaspberryPattern 12 - Side 1Pattern 12 - Side 2
Pattern 13 - in Magenta
Baby Blanket Pattern 13 - Woven in FuchsiaPattern 13 - Side 1Pattern 13 - Side 2
Pattern 14 - in Deep Red
Baby Blanket Pattern 14 - Woven in Deep Red
Pattern 15 - in Jade
Pattern 15 side 1 Pattern 15 in JadePattern 15 - side 2
Pattern 16 - in Red
pattern 16 - both sidespattern 16 in red
Pattern 17 - in Navy/Black *not a standard color
pattern 17Pattern 17 - side 1 Pattern 17 - side 2
Stripes for 44" Baby Blanket
Please list colors, width of stripes, etc.

Stripes for 54" Crib Blanket
Please list colors, width of stripes, etc.

Stripes for 64" Toddler/Lap Blanket
Please list colors, width of stripes, etc.