Custom Handwoven Baby WrapsInfant sleeping in Baby Wrap

What baby wearing momma wouldn't love a handwoven wrap? Woven with 100% mercerized cotton, these wraps are soft and cuddly. Wraps are about 26" to 28" wide and can be woven to any length. If the length you want is not listed below, please contact me for a price.

Ordering a Custom Wrap

I will not be weaving baby wraps after January 2018. If you would like a custom wrap woven, please order by January 10, 2018.

To order a custom W&W baby wrap, please complete and send this order form.  You will be contacted to work out any special stripes, tail accents, and/or middle markers.   Pattern and color choices can be found below.

Once all the details for the wrap have been worked out, the link to the payment page will be sent. 

Colors for Woven Baby Wraps

All wraps will start with a white cotton warp on the loom. Customers choose the weft color the wrap will be woven with and the pattern.

The best place to see all the colors I can order is  Click on one of the colors and the swatch on the right will change to that color. The name and color numbers appear just to the right under the swatch. I will need both of the numbers and the name to be sure I order the right color for your wrap.

Patterns for Woven Baby Wraps

There are lots of pictures of the different patterns on the loom in various colors in the Baby Wrap Album on my Facebook page.  Join the W&W Love chatter group for W&W baby wraps on Facebook.

StormBaby Wrap Pattern - Storm Storm FrontStorm Front Pattern* Storm's EyePattern - Storm's Eye
Fern Baby Wrap Pattern - Fern Serendipity Baby Wrap Pattern Serendipity FeatherPattern - Feather
IllusionPatternn - Illusion Frost Pattern - Frost EmbracePattern - Embrace
ArcherBaby Wrap Pattern - Archer XO Baby Wrap pattern XO CrystalCrystal Wrap Pattern
DiamondsPattern - Diamonds JewelsJewels Pattern Harlequin Harlequin Wrap Pattern
GemsGem Pattern LatticeBaby Wrap Pattern - Lattice  
Heart songPattern - Heartsong RoyalPattern - Royal HeartsPattern - Hearts
StarsongPattern - Starsong OrionPattern - Orion StarsPattern - Stars
KaleidoscopePattern - Kaleidoscope    
Random Storm*Random Storm pattern Random Harlequin* Random Harlequin Pattern Random Diamonds*Random Diamonds Pattern

*These are pictures from the weaving program, not actual fabric. The pattern repeat for the three "Random" patterns is about 12" long.

All wraps are hemmed with a blunt end.

Pricing of Woven Baby Wraps

Just fabric for ring sling conversion. Hemmed on one end, surged on the other. This is just the cloth - rings are not included. Be sure to allow extra length for attaching the rings later.
2.0 M - $133.00
2.1 M - $140.00
2.2 M - $146.00
2.3 M - $153.00

It is now possible to have the rings attached by Rebecca Ruiz of Ziursrm Baby. The cost is $30 and this includes the shipping from me to Rebecca.

Full Baby Wraps - Hemmed on both ends with small tags for middle markers
2.7 M - $179.00
3.0 M - $199.00
3.2 M - $213.00
3.5 M - $233.00
3.7 M - $246.00
4.0 M - $266.00
4.2 M - $279.00
4.5 M - $299.00
4.6 M - $306.00
4.7 M - $312.00
5.0 M - $332.00
5.2 M - $345.00

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Extra Charges for stripes and pattern changes

Stripes woven over the whole length of a wrap are an additional $12 to $15 per meter, depending on how they are done.

Charges for stripes on the tails and pattern changes will be figured for each wrap and will depend on the complexity of the changes and the extra time required.  Most will be between $15 and $30 per wrap.

These prices cover up to four colors. There will be a charge of $3 for each additional color after the first four.

Measuring Wraps

My handwoven wraps have stretch and give in the fabric.  This is due to a combination of factors: size of the yarn, weave structure, and I am not a machine. 

I measure wraps while they are laying on a table. If you pick the wrap up and measure it running a tape down one rail, the wrap will stretch and measure longer from it's own weight pulling it down. From the feedback I have received, there is a difference of about 3 1/2" per meter.  So depending on your preferences, you may want to order a little shorter wrap.

Care of Handwoven Baby Wraps

All wraps have been washed twice before they are mailed out. I wash them on a regular washing cycle in my front loading machine with warm & cold settings. They are dried on Medium heat.  The fabric with stand more vigorous washing if needed.  Just remember that the washer and dryer can be harder on fabric and wear it out faster than normal wearing.  So wash with care to keep your wrap looking good longer.

Do not bleach.  This will distort the colors of the wrap and bleach can damage the fibers over time.

Iron as needed using the proper setting for cotton.

 12 inch Sample for dye testing
Enter Color and Pattern choice