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The loom should be set up for Custom Baby Blankets
 in June or July 2018.

Fine Handwoven Products

Many people ask me, "Why is 'handwoven' better?"  I believe handwoven is better because of the unique beauty of handmade, handwoven items.  The items I weave are created by a person who loves what she is doing and has taken the time to do it right.  I start with quality yarn or thread, most of which is made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, or tencel. Many of the patterns I use have been around for centuries, mix that with modern yarn and you have heirloom quality pieces for today's world.

Products you find on this web site are not mass produced. There will never be hundreds of the same scarf woven by me. Handwovens are a wonderful way of expressing your individuality. 

Fine Handwoven Gifts

Few things in this mechanized world reflect the caring that is put into making and selecting a handwoven gift. Giving someone you love a specially selected gift reflects the time taken by the gift giver to find such a unique piece of wearable art. Baby and Baby Blanket

If you have a baby shower coming up for a close friend or relative, tell them how important the new arrival is with a handwoven baby blanket. Warm up the loved one who is always chilly with a handwoven wool throw or show the lady in your life how much class you think she has with an elegant silk scarf.

About Handwoven Items for Sale

cotton kitchen towels All of the items listed on this site are handwoven by me. Unless noted, I have one of each item for sale. You can select from silk scarves, wool throws, merino wool scarves, cotton baby blankets, and cotton kitchen towels (or do you prefer to call them hand towels, dish towels, or tea towels?) and more.

Not sure if the color you see on your screen is the right match for your home or wardrobe? I can send you a sample of the yarns used so you can see the real color of the item before you make a purchase. Simply contact me and I will mail the yarn sample to you at no charge.

With the possible exception of the cotton kitchen towels, all items shown on these pages are ready to be delivered. Selected colors of the cotton kitchen towels may need to be woven for delivery, so be sure to check the table of available towels when placing your order. 

Every item is finished in a fashion that will stand up to the type of washing appropriate for that item. I believe in washing everything I make prior to offering it for sale so my customers can see what they are really getting. Handwoven cloth right off the loom and washed handwoven cloth have a very different look and feel. The cloth will also shrink when it is first washed as the threads bend and conform to the weave structure of the fabric. 

Looms usedDobby Bars on 16 Harness loom

The looms on which I have woven these items an 8-harness "Schacht Baby Wolf", a 16-harness "AVL" with mechanical dobby, and a 24-harness "AVL" with computer dobby.  The dobby looms assist me with complicated patterns that would require more treadles than is practical (or even possible) to have on a loom. The picture on the right shows the dobby bars on the 16-harness loom. The pegs in the holes dictate which harnesses will be lifted on each pick. On this loom I manually put the pegs in the bars according to the pattern I wish to weave.Wool throw on 24 harness loom

The picture to the left shows a wool throw still on the loom on which it was woven. This is my 24-harness "AVL" loom. It is hooked up to a computer. The computer program and the electronic dobby select the harnesses to be lifted with each pick. I still must input the weave pattern, manually throw the shuttle, and beat the weft into place to create the cloth on the dobby  looms.

Notification of New Products or Specials

More categories will be appearing as I get pictures taken in the future. The latest additions to my site are the pages showing Handwoven Leno ScarvesCrib Blankets, and Handwoven Napkins. If you would like to know when I list new items, please send me an e-mail or fill out the form on my contact page. I can let you know when new items are added to my website or when a new "special" is beginning. Don't worry, I will not bombard you with e-mails and solicitations. Just a friendly notification that there is something new and different on my website will be sent to those people who request it.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my web site. Please let me know of you have any questions or if you spot something wrong. I am happy to chat with people about weaving and would love to hear from you!!