Dinner Napkins


Stack of Huck Lace NapkinsWhether your next dinner party is an intimate part of two or a gathering of twelve of your closest friends and family, these unique huck lace napkins will be an elegant addition to your table.

The Dinner Napkins are handwoven in a weave structure called "Huck Lace."  The patterns are made up of the arrangement of the long floats in the warp and weft. 

Light reflects off the shiny mercerized cotton of the napkins to show off the unique design of each napkin.

Quince & Dusty Coral Huck Lace NapkinsThere are eight different patterns to add interest to your table settings.  But since the patterns are all diamond shaped, the napkins coordinate with each other beautifully.

Napkins come in sets of four.  The patterns in each set are unique to that set.  If you order one of each Set 1 and Set 2, you will have eight unique napkins.

Natural - Pattern Set #1
Napkins - Natural Set 1
Natural - Pattern Set #2
Napkins - Natural Set 2
Dusty Coral - Pattern Set #1
Napkins - Dusty Coral Set 1
Qunice - Pattern Set #2
Napkins - Quince Set 2
Dark Turquoise - Pattern Set #1
Napkins - Dark Turquoise Set 1
Mineral - Pattern Set #2
Napkins - Mineral Set 2
Willow - Pattern Set #1
Napkins - Willow Set 1
Safari - Pattern Set #2


Napkins - Safari Set 2

Dimensions of Dinner NapkinsHuck Lace Napkins - Mineral & Dark Turquiose

Huck Lace Dinner Napkins - 19" x 19"

Care of Dinner Napkins

These cloth napkins may be machine washed and dried.  Press when damp.
Do not use bleach - it will change the colors and weaken the fabric.

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