Handwoven Decorative Throws

Overshot throwThe patterns for these beautiful handwoven throws are adapted from coverlets woven in the 1800's.  Many coverlets were designed and woven by German weavers who settled in the Pennsylvania area. 

The background fabric is 100% cotton and the pattern is woven with 100% wool.  It is a soft blanket and would be perfect to ward off the chill of a cold night.  Keep one within easy reach for afternoon naps this winter.

Since I am on the tall side, I have trouble finding nice throws that are long enough. These decorative throws measure about 48" x 75" to cover all of you.

Available Handwoven Decorative Throws

16 Point Star Pattern - Midnight B174


Overshot throw - Midnight blue
16 Point Star Pattern - Garnet B108


Overshot Throw - Garnet
16 Point Star Pattern - Cobalt B107
This one is shorter - 48" x 60"


Overshot throw - Coblat Blue Star Pattern
Snow Flake pattern - Loden


Overshot Throw - Snowflake pattern in Loden
16 Point Star Pattern - Midnight w/Gold B178


Midnight Blue Overshot Throw - Star Pattern
Diamond Pattern - Emerald B111


Overshot Throw - Diamond Pattern in Emerald
Twisted Star - Garnet B182


Overshot Throw - Twisted Star in Garnet  
Twisted Star - Loden B187


Twisted Star Pattern in Loden
Flower Pattern - Cobalt  B180


Overshot Throw - Flower pattern in Cobalt
Flower Pattern - Garnet B176


Overshot Throw - Flower Pattern in Garnet
Daisy Pattern - Teak 


Overshot Throw - Daisy pattern
Distorted Daisy & Diamond - Cobalt


Overshot Throw - Distorted Daisy Pattern

Special Order Decorative Throws

Setting the loom up for weaving throws is the most time consuming part of the process.  I weave the throws in batches of 10 at a time.  When the loom is set up, I am able to weave a throw in the pattern and color of your choice.

I'm not sure when I will be weaving more of these. But if you are interested in having one woven to your specifications, please contact me.

Custom Decorative Throw   48" X 75" - $332.00
Select Color and Pattern

Most throws are woven with a natural color cotton in the background for both the warp and weft. Two of the throws shown above were woven with a different color background weft. If you like the 16 Point Star Throws in Midnight Blue w/gold or the Midnight Blue w/ Teal & Lime, add a comment on your order and I can weave your throw with either of those color options instead of the natural color cotton.

Care of Decorative Throws

Hand wash and Air dry.

If you trust your washing machine's gentle cycle not to felt wool items, this throw can be machine washed. If your machine is too rough on fabrics, wash the throw in the bath tub, spin it out in your machine and then hang over the shower rod to dry. Do not dry in the dryer. This will cause the wool to felt.

Thick Wool Trows


You also might like the thick wool throws I weave.