Merino Wool Scarves - $115.00

A soft, merino wool scarf will keep you warm and toasty when there is a chill in the air.  Merino is a breed of sheep which produces very soft wool that is not itchy when worn next to the skin. 

Each handwoven, merino wool scarf starts from a very fine merino wool.  In every inch there are 27 threads, both in the warp and weft. The warp is ecru color and the scarves were woven in various colors. Many would be as appropriate for a man as a woman.

I can use the same patterns for the Merino Wool Scarves as I do for the Custom Baby Wraps.  A Merino Wool Scarf woven in the same pattern as your W&W Custom Baby Wrap would be a beautiful way to remember your baby wearing years.

Merino Scarf - Lapis
Pattern - 66-03


Merino wool scarf - lapis 66-03
Merino Scarf - Garnet
Pattern - 61247
Merino wool scarf - Garnet 61247
Merino Scarf - Cumin
Pattern - 66-05


Merino Wool Scarf - Cumin
Merino Scarf - Sapphire
Pattern - 66-09
Merino wool scarv - Sapphire 66-09
Merino Scarf - Raw Umber
Pattern - Winter
Merino wool scarf - Raw Umber - Winter
Merino Scarf - Thistle
Pattern - 66-08


Merino Wool Scarf - Thistle

Merino Scarf - Lapis
Pattern - 61247


Merino wool scarf - Lapis 61247
Merino Scarf - Nutmeg
Pattern - Bijou
Merino wool scarf - Nutmeg - Bijou
Merino Scarf - Raw Umber
Pattern - 66-08
Merino wool scarf - Raw Umber 66-08
Merino Scarf - Merlot
Pattern - 65-21
Merino wool scarf - Merlot 65-21

Merino Scarf - Midnight
Pattern - Fern


Merino wool scarf - Midnight Fern
Merino Scarf - Steel Gray
Pattern - 65-18
Merino Wool Scarf - Steel Gray
Merino Scarf - Merlot
Pattern - 65-13
Merino Wool Scarf - Merlot
Merino Scarf - Garnet
Pattern - Kaleidoscope
Merino Wool Scarf - Garnet
Merino Scarf - Merlot
Pattern - Storm's Eye
Merino Scarf - Sapphire
Pattern - Winter
Merino Scarf - Steel Blue
Pattern - Winter
Merino Scarf - Loden
Pattern - Illusion

Merino Scarf - Sapphire
Pattern - Frost

Dimension of Merino Wool Scarf

The dimensions of the merino wool scarves are approximately
10 3/4" x 56" to 60".

Care of Merino Wool Scarves

Hand wash, air dry, press if needed.  While I am now mainly using superwash wool for these scarves, I would play it safe and not wash them in the washing machine. I have some regular merino yarn that I will use for weft for a few scarves.  These will be clearly marked when I do.

About the Patterns

Many of the designs for this group of scarves come from a pattern book published in Germany in 1771.  The book is "New Tie-up and Pattern Book, for the advancement of the Noble Linen and Pattern-Weaver's Art", by Johann Michael Kirshbaum.  I am really enjoying weaving patterns that were used 240 years ago, and before.  It is impossible to tell how long these same fabrics had been woven prior to the book being published. 

Color choices for Merino Wool ScarvesThe warp on the loom is the Ecru color.  So far the color choices for the weft are: Ecru - Flint - Saffron - Tourmaline - Lapis - Cardinal - Thistle - Steel - Cumin - Hazelnut - Nutmeg - Raw Umber - Loden - Sapphire - Garnet - Midnight - Merlot 

These colors can be seen by clicking on the picture to the right.

You can send in a pre-order for your Merino Wool Scarf.  About a week before your scarf goes on the loom, I will contact you and you can use the buy button below to pay for the scarf. 

The loom is currently set up for Merino scarves, so use the button below to order one woven in the color and pattern you want in November and early December 2015.

 Custom Merino Wool Scarf
 11" x 56" to 60"
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