Fancy Star Napkins - $24.00

Fancy Star Napkins - Lipstick & Mountain GreenThese napkins are handwoven using 100% cotton.  The Fancy Star Design originated in an old German weaving book written in 1740.  I made a couple small changes, but the star is the same as the original design.

Current inventory of Fancy Star pattern napkins:
Top Picture -
0 Lipstick
0 Mountain Green


Fancy Star Napkins dark greenBottom Picture*
2 Dark Green
0 Dark Green/Soldier Blue

*There is a subtle difference in the napkins in the top and bottom of the picture on the right.  The top two are woven with all dark green thread.  The bottom two are woven with thick dark green and thin soldier blue threads.  There is a slight blue cast to the ones on the bottom. 

Fancy Star Napkins - $24.00 each 
color choices:

Set of 2 Fancy Star Napkins - $22.00 Each
  Please type in your 2 color choices**


Set of 4 Fancy Star Napkins - $20.00 Each
  Please type in your 4 color choices**

**You may mix and match the patterns, just be sure to clearly state which napkins you wish to be shipped.

Dimensions of Cloth Napkins

Faded Star Napkins - 16 3/4" x 17 1/4"

Care of Cloth Napkins

These cloth napkins may be machine washed and dried.
Do not use bleach - it will change the colors and weaken the fabric.

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