Handwoven NapkinsBlack & Dark Green Napkin - $24.00

I am so excited to finally show some of my handwoven napkins.  I am intrigued by the weave structure.  There are thick and thin threads in both the warp and the weft, which adds a unique texture to the cloth.  The weave structure allows wonderful patterns to be created without long thread floats to snag on everything.

Handwoven from 100% cotton, the cloth is reversible so napkins can be hemmed with either side as the "front".  This creates a nice pair of napkins and adds variety to a set.

Handwoven Napkin Patterns

Click on the pictures below to see the color combinations currently available in that design.

  Fancy Star
Fancy Star Pattern in LipstickThis simple pattern will add a touch of class to your Holiday dinner and brighten dinner parties the rest of the year as well.  The embellished star in this design reminds me a poinsettia.

All napkins are reversible and on the left you can see both sides of this design.   In a set of two napkins I like to hem one each way for a bit of variety.

Napkin - Star Pattern - Red HotThe simple star pattern in this design is clear and bold.  The diamonds in the background add interest to these beautiful napkins.

Napkins can be woven the same all the way through or a stripe can be added to one the end as show on the right.  Mix and match to create a special set of napkins.

  Faded Star
Handwoven Napkin - Faded Star DesignA small variation in the Star pattern and the Faded Star was created.  The edges of the pattern are softer but the over all design is the same.

Dimensions of Handwoven Napkins

All the handwoven napkins are about 16 3/4" x 17 1/4".

Color Options

The warp for all napkins is two sizes of natural colored cotton.  The two sizes of weft yarn can be the same color or two different colors.  I have just begun to show the colors these wonderful napkins can be woven in.  Color options will increase as I have time to weave more of these wonderful napkins and experiment with color combinations.

Ordering napkins will possible in the future.  Since setting up the loom is a time consuming process I plan long warps and weave several things.  A long warp for napkins or baby blankets can be a month long process from start to finish.  I plan on weaving napkins two or three times a year (or more if needed).  When I set up the loom for the next group of napkins I can weave the patterns and colors of your choice.  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom set of handwoven cloth napkins.