Categories of Handwoven Items for Sale


Cotton Kitchen Towels     Make great wedding and housewarming gifts.
    Kitchen Towel Colors   A larger version of the color selection can be viewed.


Handwoven Napkins     Another great wedding or housewarming gift.
    Cloth Napkins
    Fancy Napkins
    Cotton Napkins   


Silk Scarves     Unique handwoven silk scarves you won't find just anywhere.
    Blue Silk Scarf
    Coral Silk Scarf
    Ivory Silk Scarf
    Rose Silk Scarf
    Teal Silk Scarf
Leno Scarves     Handwoven scarves in a "leno" weave structure.
    Burgundy Leno Scarves
    Gray-Blue Leno Scarves
Merino Wool Scarves     Woven from patterns over 200 years old.
    Blue Merino Wool Scarf
    Brown Merino Wool Scarf
    Green Merino Wool Scarf
    Red Merino Wool Scarf
Collapse Scarves     Scarves woven so they collapse and pleat.
Silk and Cotton Scarves     Soft scarves made from hand dyed yarn for weft.
Cotton Scarves     Soft cotton scarves.

Throws and Baby Blankets

Wool Throw Blankets     Big enough to cover both your nose and toes.
Cotton Baby Blankets    Large cotton baby blankets to keep the baby warm.
    Cotton Baby Blanket
    Blue Baby Blanket
    Green Baby Blanket
    Pink Baby Blanket
    Yellow Baby Blanket
    Baby Security Blanket
    Baby Receiving Blanket
    Baby Gift Blanket
    Baby Swaddling Blanket
    Baby Boy Blanket
    Baby Girl Blanket
    Red baby Blanket
    Handwoven Baby Blanket
    Soft Baby Blanket
    Luxury Baby Blanket
    Unique Baby Blanket
Cotton Crib Blankets      Crib blankets that could also be used as lap blankets.
    Crib Blanket
    Cotton Crib Blanket
    Blue Crib Blanket
Custom Baby Blanket     Design the baby blanket you want

Weaving Lessons

Weaving Lessons in Boise, Idaho

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