Wool Throw - $190.00

Stack of Wool ThrowsImagine yourself curled up with a good book, keeping toasty under your wool throw.  Or maybe the image you prefer is taking a nap on lazy Sunday afternoon, snuggled up under your warm new blanket.  Either way, the fact remains, you will be warm and cozy under your wool throw.

Do you know someone who is always cold?  Give them a handwoven gift that will warm more than just their heart.  Unlike the typical department store throw, they will be able to warm both their nose and their toes when covered by one of these generous wool throws.  Not to mention, there is room for two underneath.

Wool throw blanketThe designs for these handwoven, wool throw blankets can be found in a pattern book published in Germany in 1895.  Franz Donat's,  "Large Book of Textile Patterns" has a multitude of wonderful  patterns.  One of my interests is taking historic patterns and creating handwoven heirlooms for today.  I am looking forward to weaving more of throws like this!

Each handwoven throw is made from 100% wool.  The warp for the thick, wool throw is a three-ply wool set at 8 threads per inch.   A colored, two-ply wool is used for the weft.  You can see a wool throw in the process of being woven on my home Page.

Care of Wool Throw

Hand wash, spin out water in washing machine, air dry. Do not 'wash and dry' to avoid felting and shrinking the wool throw.  May be Dry Cleaned

Maroon Wool Throw
#B173   45" x 80"
Maroon Wool Throw

Close up of Maroon Wool ThrowThe dark maroon weft is a mixture of maroon and black fiber, not a solid maroon.  It is woven in an interesting tumbling blocks design.
Black Wool Throw
 #B174  45" x 80"
Black Wook Throw.


Close up of Black Wool ThrowAnother tumbling blocks design, but this time woven with a black weft.
Green Wool Throw
#B190    46" x 79"
Green Wool Throw

Close up of Green Wool ThrowThe small pattern of this throw is subtle.  A great addition to a casual setting.
Brown Wool Throw
#B191   45" x 80"
Brown Wool Throw

Close up of Brown Wool ThrowThe weft of this throw is a rich brown.

Stack of Overshot Throws

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